Published on: 3 July 2023
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The enchanting gorgeousness of the muse of Cam Ranh

If you ever choose Ana Mandara Cam Ranh for a fulfilling holiday with beloved family, friends, you can understand why people who had the opportunity to set foot here lovingly call Ana Mandara Cam Ranh with lyrical and high- faluting name as “The Muse of Cam Ranh Bay”.

Located along the majestic coastline of Bai Dai Beach – which is reputed as a natural beauty and gorgeous meandering beaches full of sunshine, Ana Mandara Cam Ranh carries the both enchantment of beach resort space and the rustic, sophisticated of architecture that imbued with the land and people of the Central region.


The delicacy of architecture

Come to Ana Mandara, customers will find the feeling since arrived the lobby – which is originally designed with a unique skyline and surrounded by Vietnamese unique lotus, waterlily ponds.

Not only impressed with unique lobby, 36 Beach Villas are designed with foundation step to welcome to sea wind, hear the sound of waves and easily see the dawn at Cam Ranh Bay. At Ana Mandara, the architects also ingeniously blew into the design a rarity delicacy. That delicacy is appeared in the flexible curve of the twin tower. Whatever you choose Studio or Suite, gardenview or seaview, you can totally get sweeping views of the city. This delicacy also is available on the design of Ana Sand House Restaurant and Ana Beach House Restaurant and in the main swimming pool design.

And if you look at the whole resort from above, you will realize that 36 villas are wearing giant conical hats and the roof is the shape of white salt fields, bringing the spirit of the lots of sunny, windy and genuine, idyllic Central part.

The poetic beauty from lush green landscapes.
The most interesting thing about Ana Mandara Cam Ranh is that you can’t imagine the resort if you just stop at the welcome gate because all of the mystery things are hidden behind the green leafs and just a hint of yellow of bird of paradise flowers. Some customers said that: “At the first time they come to visit Ana, when look around from outside, Ana is as full of mystery as a village hidden in small forest”. That is because to come to the lobby and resort, you have to pass across the long way with two rows of green trees along. Even when you go inside, the main road to the paths leading to the entrance of each villa, you can leisurely walk below the green foliage.
But do you know, to own the system of massive landscape, the members of Ana spent 05 years planning planting, caring, pruning and watering with the purposes of bringing a beautiful relaxing experience to customers. At Ana, right when you wake up, the scene before your eyes will be the green of plants, the golden sunshine of the Central region.

The delicacy of serving manner
But if you just stop at the architecture and landscape, you can never explore Ana’s delicacy. Just come into operation in the last 6 months, Ana Mandara Cam Ranh put an unforgettable memory in the hearts of in the country and internationally visitors when the resort was listed in top the most searching resort in Naver of Korea. By friendly, attentive serving manner, Ana Mandara Cam Ranh left a deep impression on customers. Maybe it’s the kindness, thoroughness in taking care of customers, diversified and plentiful local cuisine, exquisite workmanship of Ana Mandara spa technicians. All above is presented professionally by Ana Mandara’s professional staff.
Futhermore, personal experiences and the privacy of our visitors are upheld at Ana Mandara Cam Ranh so that all services are met the visitors’s requirements flexibly. For example, instead of having breakfast in restaurant, you can order your own style breakfast at private swimming pools in enclosed courtyards or set a intimate BBQ party at private garden in front of the cottage, some will also completely lose yourself in the wonderful, sophisticated romance of seaside hall where you can entirely relax with your lover and family.

With the charms of resort privileges above, would you like to visit Ana Mandara Cam Ranh on your next vacation ? We believe that your love and support is precious motivation for Ana Mandara to become more perfectly. We have good news to share that Ana Mandara has received 03 valued nominations from the world’s most prestigious tourism award World Travel Award 2023 and Travel + Leisure Luxury Awards.