Published on: 20 February 2024
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Ana Mandara Cam Ranh Resort & Spa Clinches ASEAN Green Hotel Awards 2024

Ana Mandara Cam Ranh Resort & Spa proudly secured the esteemed “Asean Green Hotel Awards 2024,” recognizing its commitment to well-planned investments, local culture preservation, and environmental friendliness.


As one of only five Vietnamese representatives honored at the ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF 2024) in Laos, Ana Mandara Cam Ranh is celebrated for her outstanding contribution to sustainable tourism development.

Nestled along Bai Dai Beach in Cam Ranh Bay, the resort exemplifies an ideal destination with a prime location, exceptional architecture, and a range of amenities. Embracing the philosophy of “understanding and respect as the keys to connecting people with nature,” the resort prioritizes lush landscapes, with over 85% of its land dedicated to open space for energy efficiency and a close connection to nature.

Ana Mandara Cam Ranh’s sustainability commitment includes using over 80% unburned materials, such as coconut leaves, rattan, bamboo, and wood. Practical measures, including LED lighting and a solar hot water system, showcase the resort’s dedication to eco-friendly practices.

According to the General Manager of Ana Mandara Cam Ranh, Mr. Le Dai Hai: “The resort’s Green Ideal is about more than just environmental conservation; it’s also about a profound journey that connects with the local community. With over 90% of staff being local residents, employees play a vital role as “Environmental Ambassadors,” raising awareness, advocating a green lifestyle among the community, and guests joining hands to preserve Cam Ranh and the resort they proudly name “Home.”

Ana Mandara Cam Ranh implements various practices in its continuous pursuit of sustainability, including renewable energy, recycling, and reducing plastic waste. The resort operates an on-site bottled water plant and employs eco-friendly products while converting waste and leftover food into organic fertilizer.

With a 25-year legacy in Khanh Hoa province, Ana Mandara Cam Ranh has earned prestigious international awards. The recent “Asia’s Leading New Resort” accolade at the World Travel Awards 2023 underscores its position in the industry. The “ASEAN Green Hotel Awards 2024” reaffirm Ana Mandara Resort as a symbol of the new generation of Green Hotels, showcasing innovative business solutions and outstanding environmental governance.

“Reaching out to sea” is not just a word but a strategic priority. We strive to have a well-balanced guest experience with environmental preservation at the resort. Aim to build “One destination—multiple touchpoints”, Ana Mandara Cam Ranh goes beyond being a tranquil destination and eagerly anticipates welcoming guests to the exquisite beachfront resort where they will enjoy life and be part of the green journey that one visit is synonymous with coming back,” emphasized Mr. Hai when sharing about the resort’s Go-green ideals.