Resort Regulations

Ana Mandara Cam Ranh

1. Kindly present your passport with the valid entry visa for the check-in procedure at Reception
2. It is strictly forbidden to bring weapons, explosives, inflammable, narcotics (drug), prohibited goods, pets and bulky assets into the hotel or to cook and launder in the room.
3. Do not change or move the furniture and equipment from one place to another. They with being liable to indemnify the hotel at current prices for any losses or damages caused.
4. Your valuables such as jewelry, money and personal electronic equipment must be kept in the safety box provided in room or deposited at the Front Desk. The hotel will not be responsible for any loss if guests do not follow this regulation.
5. It is prohibited to cook or smoke in any guest room. Anamandara Cam Ranh is committed to providing a smoking-free environment in nonsmoking guestrooms and public spaces. Our hotel enforces a strict non-smoking policy and also certain foods are forbidden to be eaten in our guest rooms and within the hotel. Please note that mandatory fines VND 3,000,000 to VND 3,500,000 are imposed for any breaches of these regulations.
6. Please do not change your room or all more people in the room without prior notice to Reception.
7. All visitors must register at Front Desk. Visitors are only permitted in guest rooms after registration, between 09h00 and 22h00. No visitors are permitted by law between 22h00 and 09h00.
8. It is prohibited to gamble and use drugs in the hotel. Guests will be held fully responsible for any violations of the Vietnamese Law.
9. In case of fire please remain calm and take the nearest stairs to the emergency exit. Please do not use the elevators.
10. For further details on the services currently offered at the resort, please scan the QR code in your accommodation.
11. Trước khi rời khỏi Resort, xin Quý khách vui lòng thanh toán toàn bộ các hoá đơn và trả lại chìa khoá phòng cho Lễ tân. Giờ nhận phòng từ 14h00 và giờ trả phòng là trước 12h00.
Prior to leaving the Resort, the guest is kindly requested to settle all bills and return keys to Reception. Our check in time is from 14h00 and the check-out time is at 12h00.