Ana Beach House

Ana Beach House, which has been famous in Nha Trang for over a decade, now brings its unique style, service, and cuisine to the shores of Bai Dai Beach. The unique design is inspired by the cultural and scenic beauty of Khanh Hoa Province, with architectural lines that mirror the shape of the Son Mountains, the conical hats of the sea salt farmers, and the pearly-white sand dunes that dot the peninsula.

Our open beachfront kitchen overlooks the ocean, and you can savor the delightful breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. Sampling the rich diversity of Vietnamese food should be at the top of your list of things to do in Vietnam, and our menu contains a host of Vietnamese provincial dishes served with local organic produce and ingredients, including herbs, fruit, and vegetables grown in our chef’s own herb gardens. Naturally, freshly caught seafood is in abundance, and our chefs have created a wonderful Pan-Asian seafood menu for you to enjoy with a nice glass of wine. Relax and enjoy exceptional service as you dine at Ana Beach House and take in the cool sea breeze.

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